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The headquarters of Autocoope de Lisboa, Portugal, place their trust in TAXITRONIC.

We are happy to announce a new and significant success: the headquarters of AUTOCOOPE de Lisboa, in Portugal, will be using TAXITRONIC’s state of the art technology, installing TAXITRONIC fleet management system on its switchboard and putting our star product, GOBOX BCT®, into its fleet of about 500 vehicles.

This is proof of the confidence that Portugal’s taxi drivers have in our technology and suggests that we have a very promising future there, having endured some difficult times.

Congratulation to all those who took part in this exciting project!

We would also like to thank our more than 60 switchboards and 100 distributors around the world, whose trust and, above all, loyalty have helped us to overcome our challenges, we are strong together and we face a certain future together.


Photo: Manel Malleu Solá, General Manager of Interfacom, Carlos Ramos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Autocoope and Americo Fonseca, Treasurer of Autocoope, exchange the signed contracts.