The very image of a taximeter leads one to think of Taxitronic. The taximeter has always been the star product of Interfacom S.A. The long experience built up in this area is why Taxitronic’s taximeters are the most reliable, powerful and durable on the market, as well as being those with the best performance, warranty and technical service.

TAXITRONIC brings to market the new TAXIMETER TX40, which joins design, innovation with the guarantee of the service of TAXITRONIC.

The taximeter TX40 has a small size with the most advanced technology and a big [...]

The Gobox BCT® is the result of the R+D+i department’s ongoing efforts. It’s goal is to further improve the performance of company’s products.

A modern and precise 6,5” colour touch screen places the most advanced current technology at the [...]

The TX52 is the taximeter with integrated printer from Taxitronic. It is the natural evolution of the TX50, adds requirements for marketing in France. The TX52 offers all the reliability and security that has always characterized the brand.


Thermal Printer

The IR32 printer is connected and controlled directly through the TD30 Data Switchboard. The tasks it performs are the printing of messages received, service data, delivery notes, receipts, etc. This is done by the TX30, TXD30 and TD30 [...]