Some historical facts

Historia de Taxitronic

The company

Interfacom S.A.U. is the worldwide leader company in the investigation, design and manufacturing of taximeters, data switchboards, rooflights and peripheral devices for the taxi industry under the Taxitronic brand. It is also an important party in the radio taxi software developing applications  as well as in the fleet management,  these circumstances turns the company into a global solutions supplier unique in its market.

Lately, Interfacom S.A.U. became part of the Flexitron group, involved in electronics and technology. This union has generated many positives synergies that contribute to the good results of the services and products offered to the customers.   


1926-1974. The beginnings: the mechanical taximeters

The Company beginnings go all the way back to year 1926 with the opening in Barcelona of a small familiar business, dedicated to the reparation and maintenance of mechanical taximeters, authentic watchmaking masterpieces.

As the use of the taximeter increases, the repair shop grows and gets more knowledge and specialization, in the 50s and thanks to this obtains the import licenses for France for the commercialization, distribution and maintenance of the mechanical taximeter A. BRUN.

At the end of the 60s the company was prepared to its first qualitative jump: the design, manufacturing and distribution of its own mechanical taximeter AMMA, a very well welcome initiative by the Spanish market that allows the company to be the referent manufacturer in Spain.

1974-1996. The consolidation: the creation and development of electronic taximeters

In the middle of the sixties the electronics starts to implement in every day’s life and opens new possibilities, as result of this the electromechanical taximeter AMMA 2 is born.

In year 1976 was created the company Taxitronic S.A., located in Travessia Industrial de L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Its first milestone is the design and manufacture of the TX-4 taximeter –commercialized with the brand Taxitronic – it achieves to be the first electronic taximeter in the market. The TX-4, means also a revolution in that time’s esthetics, with a slim form and innovative industrial design. In 1977 is incorporated a microprocessor that reduces the mechanical part of the device, saving a great deal in maintenance.

The great success of the TX-4 as a concept of revolutionary product and its evolution in the next models TX-10  and TX-12, allows the company to enjoy during all the 80s decade of a period of stability that will use to project and consolidate in all the Spanish market.

The 31st  of July of 1986 Interfacom SA is founded, located in  calle Galileo, Barcelona and being  Taxitronic the brand for its commercialized products. This evolution was a result of the investment in I+D and of the extension to the international market once consolidated its privileged position in the Spanish one. Algeria, Germany, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands… are just some of the countries with Taxitronic presence, inside of the recognized culture of the internationalization that extends and last until today.

The invest in innovation brings the creation of a new taximeter the TX22, with a modern esthetic, smaller size, liquid crystal display and new display solutions. The data recording in just one chip allows a revolutionary simplification of the actualization of the Tariff process. Due to all these facts, the TX-22 becomes soon the most sold taximeter of the time and Taxitronic in the world’s referent brand.

At the same time, the market in the Netherlands offers to Interfacom SA the opportunity to develop fleet management software solutions (oriented always to the taxi sector), this line will get more importance with the time.

In the 90s decade, the I+D department accomplish an intense labor that crystalized in the design and development of new products materialized in the taximeter TX-28, the printer IR30, the talking peripheral PR30 and, above all, in 1995, the taximeter TX-30, that incorporates new materials, as injected plastic to relieve considerably the weight of the taximeter and allows a more elegant design of rounded forms. Its software is also revolutionary, because allows to be programmed easily to incorporate posterior applications and be adapted to the new regulations. All these facilities made this product to become quickly a world referent – the company’s most successful sale: it was sold until year 2008- due to its reliability, versatility and durability

1996-2008. The diversification. Radio taxi integral  Solutions.

The growth of the Company and its orientation to create new products to give to the Taxi an integral solution generates new operative necessities which imply to move the Company to a new and current location, in calle Perú, Barcelona. This building has three office stories, a production plant, two storage floors and a maintenance and repair shop that allows to offer a more efficient training to the distributors and to obtain a direct feedback over the new products’ functioning and the clients’ necessities.

The technological changes bring up new challenges materialized in the development of new products that take advantage of the technical progress. An example of this is the taximeter TX-30, connected to the IR30 printer, to the TD30 communications terminal and trunking transmitter, that substitutes the voice.  At the same time it comes the development of the radio taxi applications Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Eco what meant a big qualitative jump in an efficient and complete booking process management, vehicles assignment and location through cartography. All this, mean an authentic transformation and renovation in the radio taxi companies’ management and a big step to the consolidation of the company inside the world’s scene of the software specialized in the taxi sector.

The TD-30 evolution to the TXD-30 it is produced simultaneously to the evolution to the mobile technology, that allows the elimination of radio taxi antennas replacing the trunking for GPRS (GPS-GSM) that transmit data to higher speed and broaden the geographical radio action (total connection in the national territory) . The TXD-30 (integrates the taximeter TX-30 and the data terminal TD-30 in just one device) connects to the communications equipment TC50, and also allows the payment by credit card (on line) and connection with the emergency system 112 (emergencies).

In year 2007 appears the system “all in one”: The Gobox device, that integrates the communication system + software TC60 with the touch screen TV60 of 6,5″ as a result a product with taximeter, printer,  hands-free system, connection to 112, navigator and many other applications that make the taxi driver and fleet taxi’s work more easy and efficient.


2009-nowadays. The revolution. App’s incorporation, mobile communications, and Cloud systems

Interfacom S.A.U. remains faithful to the strategy of continuous innovation to offer effective solutions to market and customer’s necessities. That’s why it has taken into account the mobility explosion at the time of projecting the taxi’s future.

In 2009 appear the new hardware devices: taximeters TX-40, TX-50 y TX-52 (with integrated printer), rooflight TL-70 and the communication device BT40, besides important computer novelties as well as in telecommunication, like the Smart TD application.

SmartTD, fleet management Android application for Smartphone and Tablet, links with taximeters TX-40 y TX-52 via Bluetooth, with internet connection to the radio taxi, having maximum coverage. Besides, it gets updated as any other application; there is no need to go to the repair shop.

There has been also developed on- line taxi booking applications:   Taxiclick (for users –via smartphones and tablets-) and Taxiclick Desk and PC (for companies -via tablets and pc’s), allowing a service request and a follow up without any cost.

Moreover, There has been an evolution in the fleet management software PRIMA, that offers and economical and very complete process improvement, visualization and management of the information, allowing to know the state and the vehicles location and to get in touch with them, etc.

The “all in one” equipment has evolved to the TXD70, with 3,5 G communications, and with easy installation, as doesn’t require external antennas and all the electronic is on the screen.

With the arrival of the Alfa 6 Taxitronic platform, all the radio taxi integral solutions have migrated to the Cloud.


Interfacom S.A.U. based on its experience and knowledge, looks at the future with optimism and willing to deal the challenges that will bring the new technologies, developing integral solutions as well as hardware and software to make easier the management, control and measurement of the taxi and the fleets and especially in the developing of software and applications oriented to mobility.