Organización Taxitronic


Interfacom S.A.U. is conceived to integrate all the production process of its taxi solutions, from the conceptualization and design to the manufacturing, distribution and maintenance.


Interfacom S.A.U. explores the market necessities and investigates to find the better solutions for its clients.

Creation and design

Interfacom S.A.U.’s knowledge and experience allows conceiving and designing its own integral products and solutions that improve the management and control of taxis and fleets.


Interfacom S.A.U. has its own development team what allows to create programs, electronic devices and integral solutions exclusively adapted to the specific customers’ necessities.


Interfacom S.A.U. has its own production plant, what allows optimizing the production of its hardware and software productions. Besides it has also a quality net of national suppliers that produce all the pieces that its own plant cannot make.


Interfacom S.A.U. has a storage and distribution plant that allows to deliver to any part of the world easily and effectively all its products


Interfacom S.A.U. has its own repair shop for the maintenance of the products. This workshop offers also the feedback over the clients’ new necessities what allows to improve the products and develop solutions to the new market requirements.



The Central office of Taxitronic is located in Barcelona, with 1700 m2 of installations and where the main activities are carried out: design, manufacturing, logistic and after sales service. In Barcelona There is also a workshop to install taximeters and to provide maintenance to the local taxis (

Taxitronic has a branch in Santiago de Chile to expand the Brand in the Latin-American market.



The main Taxitronic departments are: Management, commercial department, technical department, industrial department, financial department, and legal department. The persons in charge of these departments form the board of directors of the Company.

The commercial department is formed by a sale department with great mobility, responsible of the distribution network; and by the customer service department in charge of orders, deliveries, invoicing and phone attention.

The technical department, develops the hardware and software of all the products as well as the Taxitronic solutions, conforms the 25% of the staff.

The industrial department is a macro area, includes the following departments: production, storage, purchases, after sales technical service (repairs and tariffs), 24 h. phone technical attention, computing and the workshop.

The financial and the legal departments are shared together with the other Flexitron group companies as a result of a higher increasing synergies group policy.