Taxitronic Vision

Taxitronic Corporativo

Our mission

Our mission is to attend the taxi sector’s technological necessities, producing and offering to our clients, quality products and integral solutions to make possible their potential business development.

Our values

We are determined because we are being constant, tenacious and motivated to accomplish all the goals and objectives that we propose and all the challenges we meet, we don’t let us carry for the easiness and convenience, getting over the obstacles, resolving the problems as better as we can with a full determined compromise to fulfil our job with dedication and service spirit.

We are a technological worldwide referent in the taxi sector, not only for the implementation volume but also for the quality appreciation of our users. We want to maintain this image achieved through leadership, reliability and accuracy. We trust in our own quality, externalizing the minimum, we produce everything at home.

Understand and connect with the costumer without losing the objectivity, listening to their necessities and their problems so that we can solve them with our solutions. We foment the communication, the trust and the collaboration inside the Company to get a productive and motivated working atmosphere.


Our vision

Service: We focus on giving the best service and we would like to think that our clients have also that perception. Not just a good technical service but also a good presales and after sales service, as well as a personal and professional assistance from any area of the Company, to design and develop the products to give the best service with the best quality.

Internationalization: we are a world referent and we want to be much more, not just of hardware but also of software and associated services, increasing the value-added sales. Our natural markets are: Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and North Africa.

Sustainability:  we want to work in viable projects, with sensible investments and few risks, with enough margins to guarantee the continuity of the Company, assuring dignified salaries to the employees,  incomes for the stockholders and an adequate volume to re-invest in new opportunities, maintaining the quality’s and service’s compromise.