Our colleague Francesc Baró retires, he is the co-developer of the TX4 and all the following Taxitronic taximeters

It is not easy for Taxitronic to say goodbye to a professional as valuable as Francesc Baró, who has accompanied us since 1976 with his great creativity, experience, professionalism and knowledge, values that have brought so much to the brand. Francesc has led the software development of Taxitronic taximeters, since the mythical TX4, to the present day.

There are many moments shared with such as an exceptional person as Francesc, successes, stress, nerves, joys, etc.  and today begins a new stage in his life to enjoy his more than deserved retirement.

A small and touching event was held at Taxitronic offices in Barcelona to shown him the affection and recognition of the company and his companions.

THANK YOU FRANCESC. We will miss you!