The new Urba and Urba One taximeters are the smallest in the TX80 range and the evolution of the classic Taxitronic brand format.
Despite their slim appearance, they boast unprecedent power and connectivity: They feature 5G industrial IoT connection, Bluetooth Low Energy and GPS geolocation. All this ensures their connection to apps and solutions necessary for the management of the taxi business.
In addition, Urba and Urba One allow, with no additional peripherals, the connection to our dispatching and fleet managment system Alfa 6. It is the ideal solution to start working and optimizing time.
Urba and Urba One are fully compatible with other Taxitronic equipment such as the TL70 roof sign and the IR80 taxi meter printer. The complete Taxitronic ecosystem offers the best functionalities in the market to work in the most efficient way.