• Let yourself go

    Taximeter, printer, fleet management, hands-free phone and Sygic GPS navigator.

  • Sygic Navigator

    From February 2015 the TXD70 includes by default the Sygic mapping.

  • Magnetic card reader

    We keep the magnetic car reader for subscribers and prepaid cards .


  • Third generation of Linux taximeter
  • It offers printer, dispatches, telephone and GPS navigator
  • All the electronic components just in one equipment
  • 3,5G communications
  • The quickest, with highest capacity and most powerful taximeter

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Let yourself go

The TXD70 Taxitronic taximeter is the third generation of a very innovative concept, integrates in just one device all the technology and reliability that requires the intense daily taxi activity. With a more powerful processor, with a 3,5 G communications modem, with new functionalities and abilities.

Easier to install

The TXD70 integrates all the electronics in its own screen, including the GPS and 3G antennas. There is a cable that connects the device to a little connection box, for better installation. That means a quick, esthetical, economical and tiny installation.

Faster and more powerful

Based in a ARM Cortex A8 industrial processor, The Taxitronic TXD70 means a new experience in speed, power and benefits. The screen responding times are excellent, the new integrated modem offers more mobile coverage (GPRS and 3G)… A present and future choice.

New GPS Navigator

Taxitronic has integrated in the TXD70 the Linux version of the prestigious Sygic Navigator, very appreciated for many drivers because of its benefits, easiness and because it counts with specific routes for taxis. From February 2015 the TXD70 includes by default the Sygic mapping license, it is not necessary to pay or renew it again, moreover includes 4 biannual updates for free.

Intuitive and aesthetic model

The TXD70 is very intuitive, designed to be of easy use. The new design combines in its 6,5” touch screen, avant-garde and discrete colours, according to the last auto motion tendencies, so it will look perfect in any car.



The TXD70 is a powerful taximeter with capacity for 64 complete tariffs, totally independent.


Time control

The TXD70 includes a time control software module completely separate of the taximeter’s software, that offers the maximum flexibility to adapt to any current and future requirement.



The TXD70 carries in its back a silence thermic printer with “easy loading” system to change easily and quick the paper.


GPS Navigator

The TXD70  includes the powerful Sygic GPS navigator, avoiding an additional device in the taxi.


Hands free phone

The TXD70 includes all the functionality of a hands free mobile. When a service comes in, your phone will ring!


Remote configuration

For convenience and savings, TXD70 is born with an automatic and remote configuration update and zoning of radiotaxi Taxitronic.


3.5G Communications

The TXD70 includes a powerful 3,5G HSDPA  modem  with data transfer up to  7,2 / 5,8 Mbps. All a milestone in an industrial range vehicle device.


Drivers monitoring

The TXD70 is the best terminal online to control drivers, it is reliable and detailed. Compatible with Prima system.


Touch Screen

The TXD70 touch screen highlights are its quick answer, easy use and design, very important for the normal activity in a taxi (HD 800×480 en 6,5”)


Magnetic card reader

The TXD70 has magnetic card reader for applications with private cards (subscriber, loyalty card, etc…).



The TXD70 has an inside 2.1 Bluetooth module, this allows the taximeter to communicate with a big range of devices.


Credit card

Taxitronic has developed the integration with different pin-pads EMV, so that the own TXD70 can print the ticket and the amount to cash.  (*)

Technical features

Processor ARM8 a 800 MHz

RAM dynamics 512 MB

RAM static 1 MB


GSM/GPRS/3G Quadband (850/900/1800/1900)

High sensitivity GPS of 22 canales

MicroSD memory card

3 configurable serial ports

RS232 (opc RS232 to TTL)

1 serial port specific for rooflights (TTL)

CAN bus



8 digital inputs-outputs

6 Output power to 12 V


Alarm button


Supply voltage 12/24 V

While printing tickets there are consumption peaks up to 1ª

Inside rechargeable Battery


  • Consumption in ON between 300 and 600 mA, depending on the environment lightness
  • Standby Consumption: 6 mA

Operating temperature:

  • Extended temperature range (-25º to 70º)

Mechanical Features

Measurements: 179 mm (wide) x 100 mm (high) x  70mm (deep)

Weight 624 g (roll paper included)

Base adjustable in height, horizontal and vertical inclination


MID 2004/22/CE Taximeters

Regulation 10.04 electromagnetic compatibility

ECE21 security regarding interior fittings of vehicles

ROHS 2002/95/CE Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Compatible Products
Radio Taxi

Radio taxi Central

Alfa 6 the new Radio Taxi system in Cloud

  • Taxitronic Alfa 6 is the most advanced Cloud dispatching solution available worldwide
  • A set of virtual servers applications installed in a datacenter: booking servers, dispatches servers, phone and databases servers.
  • Multi radio Taxi, multi call center, multi site, multi language, multi time zone, multi country…
  • Allows the operators work remotely… and the ability to share operators
  • Bookings through apps, web and automatic operators.
Taxi Monitoring

Taxi monitoring

Taxi monitoring

  • Management system of taxis and fleet drivers
  • Register of shifts and taximeter services
  • Display of the taxis status at any time (speed, status, routers…) in real and historic time
  • Send messages to vehicles terminals
  • Access to PRIMA platform from website