40 years of electronical taximeters

In 1976 the first electronical taximeter was born, the Taxitronic TX-4.

The beginning of the electronics meant a radical change in the lives of many people and was the start for a new era. With the invention in the 70s of the microprocessor began a really technological revolution. It was at that time that the technology was accessible to every person and all sectors.

This situation led to many opportunities and in year 1976 the first Taxitronic taximeter was born: Taxitronic TX-4 becomes the first electronic taximeter of the market. The TX-4 means also an esthetic revolution at that time because of its innovative industrial design.

Since then and to this day, the history of Taxitronic has always been linked to the technological developments.

This year, 40 years later, we want to celebrate and share with you this special event.