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Smart TD

Connect to your taxi company

Customizable display to know the status and location of all available taxis

Simple and intuitive smart auction of unattended services

Connected with the taxi company and the passenger by call or message, ensuring the privacy of the telephone numbers

Alarm system for emergencies that is attended from the taxi company, with a physical push button connected to the taximeter

Secure, transparent, and convenient credit payment management for taxi drivers and taxi companies

Possibility of receiving services outside the vehicle with various configuration options by taxi company

Navigate directly to both the destination and pick-up address with a simple click.

SmartTD can indicate by voice the receiving of services, dispatch messages, location changes and the fare of the taximeter for the vision-impaired.

Get to know all the functionalities of Smart TD

Print from the APP, activate/deactivate roof sign, coutesy light in SkyGlass, counterfeit detector in SkyGlass, invoice issuing, integrated card payment in Pinpad, Excel/ email service export, billing and kilometer statistics, taximeter locutions for the vision impaired.


Taximeters and devices

Competitive advantages by linking with Taxitronic taximeters and Taxitronic devices

Automated receiving of fees and service data from the taximeter to the taxi company

Printing of service data, receipts, invoices, and messages from the application

Thanks to the internal GPS of the taximeters, the taxi company knows the real location of the vehicles

From SmartTD, the taxi driver can manage the status of the roof sign

With SkyGlass counterfeit detector, there are no surprises in the revenue collection.

Get to know all the features of the latest generation of Taxitronic taximeters.

Bus CAN. With 5G. Bluetooth. GPS. Multiple display options, in console or rearview mirror taximeter and integrated taximeter printer, counterfeit detector and courtesy light. Single cable to the display. Bus CAN/CIA 447. 


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