Smart TD

The APP that connects you

Smart TD is the cornerstone of the technological revolution in the taxi-world, created and designed for taxi-professionals to have a tool that, connected to a dispatch company or without connection to it, obtains the data for the optimal management of your business. 

Unlike many other Apps, Smart TD is created and designed for the needs of taxi drivers.

Smart TD

Linked via Bluetooth to Taxitronic’s ecosystem of devices to function as a single one


From SmartTD you can print any type of ticket on a Taxitronic taximeter printer.

Roof-sign managment

Manage the status of your roof sign from SmartTD

Light up your change

Activate the SkyGlass courtesy light with SmartTD and never miss a thing.

No tricks

Use the counterfeit detector with Skyglass and Sherpan to avoid revenue surprises


Because sometimes a receipt is not enough

Smart TD offers you the possibility to generate and print invoices for your business customers.

PinPad integration

Perfect Bluetooth integration between the app and the Itos and SumUp card payment devices

Download the shifts to Excel

Taximeter information in Excel

For a more agile management of your daily business, Smart TD allows you to download or send by email the details of your services.

Weekly and monthly statistics

Weekly, monthly, and annual statistics

Analyze in depth the evolution of your taxi business and maximize profitability.

Inclusive experience

Improve your service experience for vision-impaired customers

Configure and use the automatic locutions for the applications to reproduce the amount of the service.  

Smart TD functionalities

Funcionali-dades Smart TD

Get to know all the features of Smart TD if you are part of a Taxitronic dispatch company

Receiving of services in and outside of the car, automated navigation to the pick-up point and/or destination, customizable location query, automatic voice announcements to notify locationg changes, intelligent pending services system, voice communication and/or predifined messages with the operator, direct call between taxi driver and passenger, emergency system with taxi company, credit payments for subscribers.

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