All the tools to book a taxi.

To give taxi users as many options as possible. Book by phone, with the APP for smartphones and tablets, from the web site or with the TB80 booking button.

Taxitronic always by your side.


Personalized attention by operators, with instantaneous display of the passenger’s service history when accepting the call.

The IVR automated voice response application significantly increases call handling capacity.

Automatic alerts by call, SMS or e-mail to passengers substantially improve the quality of service by optimizing the employed resources.

Possibility of direct call between taxi driver and passenger while assuring the privacy of the telephone number of both.

Web booking portal

Booking portal integrated into the taxi company website, with personalized language and image.

Both for individual users as well as professional accounts and credit customers.

A simple and intuitive website that offers the possibility to program reservations with specific requirements.

Allows to visualize the location of the assigned vehicle and the route with indication of the route and estimated time.

Consultation of service history.

Booking apps

App for smartphones integrated in the ALFA 6 dispatch system.
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Download App Store y Google Play

App adapted to the corporate image of the taxi company, available on IOS and Android.
Extensive functionalities. Payment from the app or in the taxi, configuration of favorite destinations and service rating.
Manage discounts and promotions to buils customer loyalty for individuals and professionals.

App for Android tablets and Windows PCs idealfor companies and hotels. It allows you to make multiple reservations, manage advance bookings and view their status in realt time. No phone calls.
Download on Windows (zip)

Booking button TB80

The taxi booking solution at the push of a button.

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, companies and places of great affluence of people.

Configurable to request different types of vehicles with special requirements.

Printing of service ticket for the passenger with indication of the taxi number.

Always know the usage and services generated by this device.

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