TX80 SkyGlass II

Breaking the limits

The Taxitronic TX80 SkyGlass II mirror taximeter breaks all limits. Connected with Smart TD, integrated printer in the mirror & counterfeit detector.


Keeps the vehicle’s interior aesthetics intact, with no holes or modifications.



SkyGlass II Pro is the only mirror taximeter on the market with an integrated printer.


IoT taximeter


Taximeter with built-in 5G modem.

GPS and Bluetooth optimized to enhance its performance and improve the taxi driver experience.

Minimalist design that cares about the aesthetics of your vehicle. Touch keypad, courtesy light and easy installation.

Mirror taximeter screen

White LED display integrated in an automotive mirror with high quality glass.

Now includes new indicators that appear on the display and provide more information to the user about location, connection, cover…


Fixing by replacing or overlapping the original mirror.

Innovative rearview mirror taximeter

Includes counterfeit detector, courtesy light and touch keypad, so you hardly need to touch it.

Premium features with Smart TD

Premium features with Smart TD

Manage your daily business and control the peripherals of your TX80 SkyGlass II with premium Smart TD features.

Join your Taxitronic taxi company

With SkyGlass II rearview mirror taximeter you don’t need additional peripherals

The best technological ecosystem

Complement your SkyGlass II mirror taximeters with an IR80 and a roof sign

You choose

Our thermal printer solutions are easy loading, fast, silent and robust. Integrated or external.

SkyGlass II Pro

SkyGlass II Pro: SkyGlass II version with integrated printer

SkyGlass II

SkyGlass II: external taximeter printer compatible with IR80 and IR32

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