taxi meter

TX80 Urba taximeter

Slim & High-Tech

The smallest and slimmest taximeter offering connectivity and power never seen before. 5G. Bluetooth. GPS. Capacitive touchpad.

TX80 SkyGlass II

Breaking the limits

The Taxitronic TX80 SkyGlass II mirror taximeter breaks all limits. Connected with Smart TD, integrated printer in the mirror & counterfeit detector.

Taxitronic Taxi meters

Taxitronic Is the world’s leading company in the research, design and manufacture of taxi meters, data terminals, light and peripherals for the taxi sector under the Taxitronic brand. It is also an important player in the development of software for radiotaxis, fleet management and driver app, becoming a global solutions provider unique in the market.

In 2017, Taxitronic launched the first model of the TX80 family, the successful TX80 SkyGlass, the only mirror taxi meter with integrated taximeter printer in the world. This model includes other exclusive innovations for the sector, such as a counterfeit ticket reader and a capacitive keyboard. During the period 2021-2023 Taxitronic will launch a new range of products providing its taxi meters installers around the world a unique and unprecedent solutions in the market. All of them will include IoT communications with 5G technology to be able to offer value-added connectivity services for taxi drivers and administrations, in order to give the taxi industry first-class technological tools in order to compete in the mobility market with the highest guarantees.

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