Alfa 6: the Cloud platform for taxi fleets

Taxitronic Alfa 6 is the sixth generation of the historical, proven, reliable, scalable and powerful set of applications for taxi companies. With 100% cloud tehcnology. 


Latest technology in constant evolution. The most advanced Cloud-based taxi dispatch solution. 



Allows to operate a complete taxi company without initial investment and reducing rental and infrastructure costs. 100% Teleworking


Flexible and scalable

Adapts to the needs and work model of any taxi fleet, from 50 to 10,000 taxis and from 1 to 100 operators.



Advanced management of fixed prices and taxi sharing. Real-time dashboard and exports to Excel of all information.

Optimizes resources

Allows sharing operators, services and acting as a call canter for different cities and countries. 


Open API

API interface for bookings from third party applications. 

Booking management

All the necessary information in a single booking management screen

User interface designed to be ultra-easy and fast

One or multiple addresses, showing price, distance, and estimated time

Call history for repeating, returning, or detecting ongoing services

Selection of standard or customized requirements for each service

Customer notifications of booking status details

Multiple bookings, copy bookings, schedule returns, pre-bookings, or recurring bookings

Use of points of interest (POIs), both predefined and personalized

Different map display options

Dispatch management

Powerful customizable motor that adapts to the needs of each taxi fleet

Great variety of dispatch modes: by distance, navigated, zone, stop, in occupied state, vehicle groups, special requirements…

On-line editing of zones and ranks. Quick and easy.

Information for taxi drivers: taxis in the area, taxi rank, waiting customers, next services…

Multiple modes of communication between taxi company and driver.

Manual or automatic driver sanctions.

Integrated IP Telephony System

The most economical option without strings

Allows operators to work from home, just with Google Chrome and an IP phone.

Allows sharing operators between radio cabs. Where, when, and how you want.

IVR application for automated voice support to book to the last address.

Prioritization of VIP customer calls.

The system allows you to record calls, put them on hold and transfer them to other operators.

Control panel and statistics

Display of data exportable to Excel

Cada usuario tiene asignado un nivel de permisos específico.

Un mismo operador puede estar asignado a varios radiotaxis con diferentes permisos.

Monitorización en tiempo real de despachos, llamadas, servicios, taxis, operadores.

Informes, resúmenes y estadísticas de clientes, llamadas, operadores, taxis, conductores, servicios.

Información de los taxis en central: estado, requerimientos especiales, dirección, velocidad, licencia, modelo.

Mensajería entre operadores, a un taxi, a una zona, a un grupo de taxis específico.

Botón de alarma en vehículos para atender emergencias desde el radiotaxi.

Management of credit customers (subscribers)

Offer a better service to subscribers and/or business users

Múltiples facilidades para gestionar pagos y cobros con clientes a crédito y taxistas.

Configuración de límites por cliente abonado, con rutas prestablecidas, crédito y número de servicios por usuario y cuenta.

Autorización de usuario por PIN o firma en el taxi.

Agrupación de abonados para gestionar el crédito a grupos empresariales y multinacionales.

Precios fijos configurables por áreas o rutas.

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