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Interfacom S.A.U. is part of the technology group Flexitron.

Is the world’s leading company in the research, design and manufacture of taximeters, data terminals, light and peripherals for the taxi sector under the Taxitronic brand. It is also an important player in the development of software and applications for radiotaxis and fleet management, becoming a global solutions provider unique in the market.

90 years of history,
25 registered trademarks,
5 patents

30.000 cars connected to our cloud systems


Our mission is to attend the taxi sector’s technological necessities, producing and offering to our clients, quality products and integral solutions to make possible their potential business development.


We focus on providing the best service both technical and at all levels: pre-sale and after sales, prsonal and professional attention, reliable and quality products, etc. We are referring internationally, and we want to be much more. We work in sustainable and viable projects, with moderate investments and with low risks, with enough margins that guarantee the continuity of the company.


We are perseverant, constant, tenacious and motivated in the attainment of all those goals and objectives that we propose without letting ourselves be carried away by the easy and the comfortable. Referring in the Taxi sector for our leadership, reliability and rigor. 

ISO9001 Quality certificate

Interfacom has been certified to ISO9001 (International Quality Standard) for the activities of Design, development, production, distribution, installation and repair of taximeters and their peripherals, as well as for the design and production of fleet management equipment.

The ISO 9001 standard specifies the requirements for a quality management system that can be used for internal application by organizations, for certification or for contractual purposes.

quality policy
Quality certificate

Taxitronic process

The organization at Interfacom S.A.U. is designed to integrate the entire production process of its solutions for the taxi, from its conceptualization and design to its production, distribution and maintenance.


Based on the needs of the sector. We devise technological solutions to optimize the taxi business to the maximum.


Own manufacturing plant. This allows us to maintain a high quality control and offer an optimal delivery service of our products.


Extensive national and international distribution network.


We have our own workshop in Barcelona that serves more than 10,000 cars. This keeps us in direct contact with the taxi driver and helps us detect improvement areas.

Technical support

Support service available 24/365 to meet any technical need and offer, in addition, continuous training.


The headquarters of Taxitronic is in Barcelona, with facilities of about 3000 m2 where the main activities of the company are centralized: design, manufacturing, logistics and after-sales services. In Barcelona Taxitronic also has a taximeter installation workshop to service local taxi drivers. www.eltallertaxitronic.com

Some historical facts


1926-1974 · The beinnings, the mechanical taximeters

The beginnings of the company go back to 1926 with the opening in Barcelona of a small family business dedicated to the repair and maintenance of mechanical taximeters, authentic craftsman works of watchmaking. In the fifties, import licenses from France are obtained for the commercialization, distribution and maintenance of A. BRUN mechanical taximeters At the end of the 60’s, the company is ready to make its first qualitative leap: the design, manufacture and distribution of AMMA’s own mechanical taximeter model, which allows it to become the benchmark manufacturer in Spain.

1974-1996 · Consolidation, creation and development of electronic taximeters

Taxitronic was born in 1976. It’s first milestone is the design and manufacture of the TX4 taximeter which becomes the first electronic taximeter on the market. The resounding success of the TX-4 and its evolution in the models TX10 and TX12, allow the company project and consolidate itself throughout the Spanish market and various international markets. On July. 1986, Interfacom SA was established, becoming Taxitronic the brand with which it markets its products. The commitment to innovation results in the creation of such iconic taximeters ad the models TX-22 and TX30.


1996-2008 · Diversification, integral solutions for taxi companies

In the late 1990s, Taxitronic launched an advanced dispatch solution for radio taxis, consisting of a sophisticated server system and devices with taximeter and data terminal functionality. In 2002, the successful solution based on the TXD30 taximeter/terminal appeared which, together with a TC50 modem and an IR30 taximeter printer, allowed taxi drivers to receive services and connect to a 112 emergency center. In 2007 the GoBox solution was presented, the first taximeter in the world with Linux operating system based on only two devices: a touch screen with integrated printer and magnetic card reader (TC60), and a CPU with GPRS and GPS communications (TV60), a real technological achievement.

2011-2017 · The revolution, aplications, mobile communications and cloud systems

With the incorporation of the company into the FLEXITRON technology group, Interfacom S.A.U. takes an important push to continue its strategy of innovation. In 2011 Taxitronic published the first version of Taxiclick, the app for booking taxis. In 2013 launches the professional application Smart TD for taxi drivers, which integrates with the Taxitronic TX40 and TX52 taximeters with a Bluetooth/GPS interface called BG40 or with the TL70B version of the new luminous released a few months earlier. Finally, in 2014 the first version of the dispatch system for radiotaxi in the cloud of Taxitronic, Alfa6, is published with a wide international implantation, that greatly facilitates the work of the radiotaxis and the sharing of resources between them, drastically reducing its operating costs.

2017-… · The Internet of Things taximeters, the new technological revolution

In 2017, Taxitronic launched the first model of the TX80 family, the successful TX80 SkyGlass, the only mirror taximeter with integrated printer in the world. This new model includes other exclusive innovations in the sector, such as a counterfeit ticket reader and a capacitive keyboard that does not suffer the wear of mechanical keyboards. During the period 2021-2023 Taxitronic will launch a new range of products unique and unprecedented in the market, and all of them will include IoT communications with 5G technology to be able to offer value-added connectivity services for taxi drivers and administrations, in order to give the taxi industry first-class technological tools to compete in the mobility market with the highest guarantees.

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