Alfa 6, our cloud-based taxi fleet management platform, is the sixth generation of the historic, proven, reliable, scalable and powerful Taxitronic taxi fleet management system.
100% cloud technology.

It is an innovative tool developed with the latest and most advanced technology, which allows us to update and evolve it constantly. Alfa 6 adapts to the needs of each taxi fleet to optimise its resources efficiently, being able to share operators, services and act as a call centre for different cities and countries.

Its integrated IP telephony system makes it the most economical and untethered option on the market, as it allows operators to work from anywhere with just a Google Chrome connection and an IP phone. In addition, Alfa 6 includes the IVR application for automated voice response, which facilitates booking at the last registered address or prioritises the handling of VIP customer calls.

This powerful software makes it possible to manage closed prices and shared taxi trips. With a real-time dashboard and the possibility of exporting all the information to Excel, Alfa 6 becomes the indispensable tool for the best management of taxi fleets.

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