Smart TD is an App designed and created in 2012 for taxi professionals which allows them all to obtain the best resources from their Taxitronic taximeters: exhaustive information, statistics and data, instantly, for the efficient management of their business.
This year Taxitronic has launched a new version of the Smart TD with significant improvements in terms of design and functionality, always with the aim of improving the user experience.
One of the highlights of this new version of Smart TD is that it allows to sort favorite work zones, configurable by proximity or by the order in which they have been added. At the same time, it allows the taxi driver himself to inform, if taxis were missing at any of the stops, at the very moment.
In terms of its look and feel, Smart TD has been redesigned and modernised for faster and more intuitive use, with larger and more accessible icons for the taxi driver. The interface has been designed for optimal operation of the application while driving.
Get to know in detail the new features of this latest version of Smart TD. We encourage you to take a look at its user manual and discover its functionalities.
Last but not least, Taxitronic thanks Smart TD users for their contribution to the improvement of the App with their ideas and comments.